Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NL East predictions

If blogs are good for anything, it's gotta be predictions. So time to lock in visavis Brewers, Phillies, Mets.

All three with 83 wins. 12-14 games left. Brews, in the throes of a 2007-Mets-like swoon, play Chicago 6 times (plus cincy and pittsburgh). Phils close out with a melange of Atlanta, Florida, and Washington, two of whom are proven pains in the asses. Mets? Well, does the schedule even matter when you boast the worst bullpen in ML history for a team that's this good (Wash, Atl, Chicago, Fla, without a single day off).

So. (and bearing in mind that we only predict things in order that such outcomes are made LESS likely for having been foreseen, Fate hating the futurist.)

Phils in. They know they can do this. They can close out 9-4, easy, going 92-70 for the season.

Which leaves Mets v Brews for the wild card. One thing is for sure, whoever wants OUT of the post season is going to have to want it bad. Mets can scratch out six more wins, requiring Brews to go only 6-7, which sounds like maybe as much as could be asked of them at this point. In fact, they'll have to be "heroic" to pull it off (as will Mets).

The requirements of justice and drama therefore incline me to predict both teams sputter to utterly disechanting 89-73 records. In Milwaukee, alas, (poor Shea) Mets lose unspeakably see-saw one game playoff, in extra innings, when Heilman is charged with a bases loaded balk for actually urinating in his pants.

But seriously, no.

It'll be a "single" over the head of a draw-in Endy Chavez.